3/28/2017  Good Afternoon Parents -  Funshine was on the news tonight! Firefly Lillian's mom came in to talk about her job and brought her co-worker and meterologist Brian Van Der Graff to explain news and the weather!  The Fireflies, Bumblebees, and Pandas toured the Storm Tracker and could possibly make an appearance on your TV tonight!
Brian showed the video a few times tonight between 2:00-5:00on NewsChannel 8 and then it will show it at 5:15 on WJLA (Channel 7). 

03/14/2017  THANK YOU again to everyone who helped and supported our move to the new location. We are very happy to be settling in to our new home at 3440 22nd Street. Please see below for news release regarding the opening.


10/24/2016  Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Go Fund Me, Community Building Fundraiser, and the Cookbook Campaign to support the upcoming move!

A special thanks to The Geary-Ohara Family Foundation and The Washington Forest Foundation for each donating to The Bonder and Amanda Johnson CDC, with each foundation donating 20K.

We appreciate your support and generosity! Continued tax deductible donations can be sent directly to the Bonder and Amanda Johnson CDC on our behalf at

4/12/2016  Thank you to everyone who attended the meetings tonight to learn more about our upcoming move. To help in the fundraising efforts of the move, please visit our Go Fund Me Account HERE. (Our Go Fund Me account is now closed.)

3/24/2016  Thank you for your patience as we continue to finalize the details of our “move”. We have scheduled an information meeting for April 12, 2016 from 5pm – 6pm in the A.P.C sanctuary. There are presentations scheduled by our architect, A.P.A.H, Reverend Hamlin (Macedonia Baptist Church) and Beth & Paige. Funshine Parents, feel free to leave your child in the classroom while you attend the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

9/23/2015  Dear Funshine Families,

We would like to thank all of you for your patience as we follow our journey to a new Funshine home. Here is an update:  We submitted a Use Permit Application to Arlington County this past Tuesday, September 8, 2015 for a facility at South 22nd and Kenmore Street in Arlington that was formerly used as a YMCA.   The location is easily accessible – it’s less than a mile away from our existing 3507 Columbia Pike address, and right next to Drew Montessori/Drew Model School.  The use permit application is an important step in a process that is ongoing.  With it, our vision is to lease a building from Macedonia Baptist Church.  We are enthusiastic about the prospect of working with them as we become a part of the vibrant area.  Macedonia believes in our vision of not just quality childcare, but quality childcare with a purpose. Our purpose is and always has been to serve the community where we are planted. We look forward to sharing more updates with you as the process unfolds. 

Thank you.

5/10/2015  There are two openings in 4-5 year old classroom starting June 15, 2015 for Summer Camp "Imagine This Imagine That".  There is a different theme each week with a Special Event each week (ex: puppet show, dance groups, reptile company, moon bounce, etc) and an in-house water play day each week.

5/9/2015  We were given an extension to stay in our current building until December 2016. We have 2 proposals out for other local buildings. We will continue to keep you updated during this process.

5/4/2015  The opening in the infant class has now been filled. As always, we will keep you updated with any other spots that may become available.

4/14/2015   We now have one opening in the infant class beginning April 27, 2015. Call or email to inquire about enrolling your infant in our program.

2/12/2015   It is very important to us that the parents/guardians always know what is happening at Funshine Preschool.  We are very excited to announce that due to the church's future demolition, we are moving our location and upgrading our facilities! We are still in the early stages of making the transition but we will be sure to update you every step of the way. Please note that no major move is anticipated until June 2016.

For your convenience, we've provided important documents available for download. If there is a specific document you need, please call or email and we will make sure you have it right away!

Info for Family & Friends of Funshine

Funshine Preschool

3440 22nd St. South Arlington VA 22204