To provide superior child care and preschool education for children.  To provide opportunities to enhance each child's growth in all areas of development: language, social/emotional, cognitive and physical.  To provide communication regarding each child's developmental progress.  To be a professional resource for parents in problem solving during the preschool years.  To be a positive element in the lives of children and parents.  To provide outstanding childcare services to the community.    


To provide a warm, loving, secure atmosphere that closely approximates their individual family life.  To provide an individual daily schedule for each child in conjunction with parents' wishes.  To provide a responsive environment to enhance early learning which includes sensory stimulation, exploration, and creation of the child's imagination, discovery of his/her capabilities and development of a secure sense of identity.  To provide daily written and verbal communication regarding milestones in the infant's development, feeding, personal care activities, and precious moments. 



To provide opportunities for each child to develop to his or her fullest potential.  To provide experiences for children to pursue their emerging individual interests, talents, and strength.  To foster each child's growth in independence and self help skillsTo build a positive self image.  To provide activities for the children to learn about and participate in the world around them.  To teach each child how to maintain his or her own safety.  To provide a firm foundation to prepare children for kindergarten by fostering cognitive and social development through language, exploring individual creative endeavors, providing activities to promote fine and gross motor development, and providing a supportive environment to foster each child's emotional growth.

Childcare Goals

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